TOP GRACE Shipping Limited was established in 1992 and providing a speedy and punctual shipping services between China Panyu and Hong Kong areas. We are the only shipping line permitted by the Panyu Custom to perform truck yard custom clearance before 21:00 and exporting by Lian Hua Shan port. With our high quality standards of management, we are one of the ISO9001:2000 Management Certified members as well as an {A} grade fleet shipping company which certified by Guangzhou Custom on June 2002.

Equipped with the latest GPS system and facilities onboard, we have the fastest fleet in the China Pearl River Delta to serve the customers need. DeHe 13, DeHe 18, DeHe 23 and DeHe 28 are directly owned feeder vessels, which enable for flexible shipping schedule, as well as specially arranged NIGHT departure from Lian Hua Shan to Hong Kong according to different nature and volume of cargoes.

Our Staffs are well trained, experienced, professional, and motivated to guarantee the best cargo handling and service backup. With our powerful IT network system, all documents and communication are fully automated which in turn support a smooth and efficient cargo flow.

We offer full range container yard services and equipped with various types of container for customers like FCL, LCL, DG, refrigerated, break bulk and transshipment cargoes service not only limited to Hong Kong and Pan Yu areas but as well as Europe, Asia and the States by major carriers' agreement.

A ˇ§Sha Wan ˇV Lian Hua Shan Alliance Truckingˇ¨ service also provides with a full range of fast and efficient transportation services covering NanSha and LianHuaShan and other China Pearl River Delta areas.

River Trade Terminal being our vendor offers a 24 hours full range service cover to support our clients at Hong Kong

TOP GRACE would keep on focusing on the enhancement to our valuable clients with more competitive rate and a comprehensive range of China cargo services.

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